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Internet Of Things

Alltrace IoT platform with a human touch

Alltrace IoT

Alltrace IoT improves operations in industry, healthcare and hospitality industries in an easy and affordable way with a focus on operations staff support. To realize this we created Alltrace as a general purpose web-based Internet of Things platform to optimize processes, logistics and administration by integrating internet of things (IoT) technologies into daily routines. The Alltrace platform is able to:

  • Monitor infrastructure (Technology independent)

  • Register sensor data

  • Set rules for relevant data

  • Define actions based on real-time data

  • Integrate data with other systems

  • Integrate with devices used by operations staff (PDA’s, Re-Order-It kanban boards etc.)


With over 20 years of experience in IoT solutions we make you benefit from our knowledge.


Technology is here to support your operations and your core business. Internet of Things is one of the tools to reach your goals and make your processes and business flourish.  Our platform operates technology and brand independently.


Together with your team we will introduce Internet of things into your daily routines. We will fit processes, routines and technologies and improve their cohesion on a daily base.


We make technology work for you without you noticing it is actually there. As a solution development company we focus on integral high tech solution that will work for your staff independently of their technical knowledge. Alltrace is our web-based IoT platform to support yoiur daily operation from a single point of  control.

Glass Buildings

We support you in integrating 

Internet of Things solutions

into new and existing

business concepts.

We distinguished ourselves by the fact that we bring people, processes and IoT technology together at the earliest possible stage of the project. We involve the workplace when drawing up project objectives and we always describe system functionality in close consultation with the day by day users of the system. IoT Projects supported by the shop floor is your key to success.


Internet of Things with a human touch!

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