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Automate, Operate and Monitor
your daily operations

IoT platform with a human touch

IoT sensor signals transformed
into workforce management.

Our Alltrace system is more than just an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor registration system. It is a comprehensive platform that enables you to control and automate your shop floor operations. Control all your devices from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop and turn Internet Of Things (IOT) measurements and detections into actions for groups or individual employees based on predefined rules.


Get access to our Alltrace platform from anywhere in the world and control all your locations, devices and operations from one central location. 

Transform Iot signals into actions

User friendly rule engine
to support you.

IoT rules engine in Alltrace

"AllRules" are your superpower for automating your entire operations. Simply mix and match the right "AllRules" to generate new automated or manual tasks to be executed.


Our platform integrates IoT signals and data from different IoT technologies like  RFID, Sigfox, Wifi, Halow, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), Lora, Barcodes, QR, Wirepas, Narrow Band (NB), Bluetooth (BLE), GPS, Zigbee.

Workforce management

Alltrace's workforce management module enables you to effectively schedule, allocate, and manage the workforce based on real-time needs. It considers factors such as employee skills, availability, and workstations' requirements, ensuring that the right workers are assigned to the right tasks at the right time. This ensures optimal utilization of the workforce, reduces idle time, minimizes human errors, and enhances overall quality of work.

Workforce management app
IoT users and roles

IoT system roles and users

Assign roles to your staff members. This way you can safely determine who can do what. You can even give a guest temporary access to the system. Handy for temporary staff members and external parties executing tasks within your facilities.

Privacy and security are built in as standard.

  1. We don't sell data and we don't do ads. Your data is yours. Always!

  2. Intruders are kept out. Sandboxed Apps, Penetration Tests and Bug Bounties guarantee the safety of your operations.

  3. Simply a fair purchase. You pay for Alltrace so that we can continue to develop for you. It's that simple.

IoT security
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