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Our IoT solutions

Welcome to our IoT Solutions platform, where we not only provide the fundamental capability of registering sensor values but also offer an extensive suite of features for efficient workforce management. Building upon this foundation, we have taken our Alltrace system to new heights, tailoring it to meet the specific needs and demands of our customers.


In addition to the essential task of capturing sensor data, our platform offers a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities designed to streamline workforce management processes. Whether you require locating an asset, advanced scheduling, task allocation, or performance tracking, our platform has been fine-tuned to support your unique requirements.

The Alltrace system is constructed out of 4 elements:

1: Sensors

The Alltrace system is able to store all kind of sensors based on technologies like: RFID, Sigfox, Wifi, Halow, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), Lora, Barcodes, QR, Wirepas, Narrow Band (NB), Bluetooth (BLE), GPS, Zigbee.

2: Rule Engine

The Alltrace system has a user friendly rule enigine to transform sensor signals into actions. The rule engine can be configures to work with:

  • Time intervals: configure actions to take place based on timing. This is suitable for yearly check ups for standards like ISO1485, NEN3140 and other time oriented settings.

  • Value limits: define the limitations of values registered by sensors or systems and transform then into actions that are linked to it. For exmple: empty the rubbish bin when it reaches 80% of the fill rate.

Alltrace IoT rules engine
  • Requests: The shop floor is able to make requests for repairs, extra items or cleaning actions. Since all requests and actions are manageabe in one IoT platform you keep the best overview on what needs to be done.

  • Logistics settings: Systems like WMS or advanced track and trace systems like Amy van give you real time in stock levels and locations of assets. With pur rule engine you will be able to easily set min, max and critical stock levels. When a stock level reaches a critical value, automatically a task for the logistics department is generated. The result is a Track and Trace + shop floor automation system. We integrate with several track and trace engines.

3: Workforce management

With our workforce management component you can schedule tasks on group or individual level. Only qualified staff is able to execute certain tasks. Planning can be done on month, week or daily basis and our AI optimizes all working schedules. 

4: App for your workforce

All staff will take advantage of our sophisticated smart app. In this app the user can see his or her tasks, group taska, can search and find equipment and can make requests for things like a repair, replenishment or other request.

Alltrace app login screen
Alltrace app dashboard
Alltrace app dashboard
Alltrace app scan example

To discover more about our special solutions, select one of the options below.

With our Alltrace sensor module you are able to register and monitor all sensor data in an easy to use system. Our dashboards give you real-time online insight into your data

With our Re-Order-It logistics system we facilitate your staff in easy re-ordering of items. Our smart kanban board, scales or smart shelves facilitate your staff.

With our facility management solution we take full control of your operations in facility management.

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