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Passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is based on tags that do not need to be powered. They are instead fueled by radio waves generated by RFID readers. Inventory management, supply chain tracking, access control, and asset tracking are all common applications for passive RFID.


Its uses span from retail inventory management and patient tracking in hospitals to library book tracking and document authentication.

RFID is a wireless technology that connects billions of common products to the internet, allowing businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage with each item.

RAIN RFID is a global partnership that promotes the widespread use of UHF RFID technology in the same manner that the NFC Forum, WiFi partnership, and Bluetooth SIG do. RAIN employs the GS1 UHF Gen2 protocol, which has been ISO/IEC certified as 18000-63. The abbreviation RAIN (RAdio frequency IdentificatioN) refers to the interface between UHF RFID and the cloud, where RFID-based data can be stored, managed, and shared through the Internet. A reader is used in a RAIN RFID solution to read and write a tagged item, manage the data, and take action.

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The Alltrace system is able to store all kind of sensors based on technologies like: RFID, Sigfox, Wifi, Halow, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), Lora, Barcodes, QR, Wirepas, Narrow Band (NB), Bluetooth (BLE), GPS, Zigbee.

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