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Facility management

Our smart sensors are installed in restrooms to track supply consumption in dispensers and to count facility usage with people counters. Occupancy sensors in the office highlight the desks and areas that need to be cleaned.

Good hygiene helps inhibit the spread of viruses and germs. Maintaining adequate supplies for hand hygiene, for example, is critical at all times!

Restroom IOT sensors for facility management

Window closed

RH 65%

10 μg/m3 

Toilet used 14 times since last cleaning


Soap 40%

Our Alltrace workforce management tool will alert cleaners to cleaning requirements such as optimizing the cleaning path and the need to replenish dispensers or empty garbage bins. restrooms that have not been used will only cleaned once a day.


All intervals and critical values of filling rates can be set by your team in our Allrulez module. Reaching a timer or sensor rate will result in an autmatically generated task and proposed schedule. 

Fill rate 60%


Paper towels 10%

Alltracd app task overview
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