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Zigbee is a low-power wireless communication standard primarily used for home automation and industrial control applications. It enables devices to form a mesh network, providing reliable and energy-efficient communication.


Zigbee is extensively utilized in smart lighting systems, home security systems, building automation, and industrial monitoring. It enables seamless integration between various devices and sensors, creating smart and interconnected environments.

Lightweight and simple
Optimized for low power consumption to extend battery life and easy DIY use in consumer and commercial environments.

Mesh with Self-Healing Properties
The self-organizing, self-healing mesh architecture is scalable to thousands of nodes, as evidenced by nearly a decade of advancements and real-world applications.

AES-128 bit message encryption and authentication, certificates, and elliptic crypto safeguard personal data and device authentication from neighboring networks, according to safeguard by Design.

Model of Unified Data.


Zigbee water leak sensor for domestic usage

The Alltrace system is able to store all kind of sensors based on technologies like: RFID, Sigfox, Wifi, Halow, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), Lora, Barcodes, QR, Wirepas, Narrow Band (NB), Bluetooth (BLE), GPS, Zigbee.

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