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IoT sensors

IoT sensors are critical in collecting vital data and enabling improved decision-making processes in today's interconnected environment. Our platform's goal is to provide individuals, businesses, and industries with the tools they need to monitor and analyze their environments in real time, promoting efficiency, sustainability, and a higher quality of life.

To give you an impression of the IoT sensor types our platforms supports here is a list of examples:


IoT thermometer icon

Temperature sensor

IoT open close

Door open/close 

IoT window open close

Window open/close

IoT CO2 sensor

CO2 sensor

IoT paper towel fill rate

Paper towel fill rate

IoT distance measurement

Distance measurement

IoT power consumption

Power consumption

IoT depth measurement

Depth measurement

IoT humidity icon

Humidty sensor

IoT soap fill rate

Soap dispenser fill rate

IoT fluid fill rate

Fluid fill level

IoT crowd detection

People and crowd detection

IoT movement and direction

Movement and direction

IoT barometic sensor

Barometic sensor

IoT leakage detection

Leakage deteciton

IoT angle icon

Angle registration

IoT illumination level

Illumination level

IoT direction detection

Direction detection

IoT vibration sensor

Vibration sensors

IoT indoor GPS

Location indoor outdoor

IoT lock sensor

Lock unlock sensor

IoT time registration

Time registration

IoT bin fill rate

Rubbish bin fill rate

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