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Re-Order-It has been developped by Alltrace and now operates as an independent company. Re-Order-It utilizes both IoT hardware and software to develop effective inventory management solutions. These solutions are integrated with a variety of systems including WMS, ERP, and other related systems.


The Reorderit e-Kanban board is a state-of-the-art tool that includes an RFID reader and a user-friendly touch screen interface. Upon placing a card on the e-board, the embedded RFID chips are automatically detected, facilitating seamless inventory management. The board communicates through reliable 4G and WiFi connectivity to a centralized database that continuously monitors all boards and cards.



Digital kanban orderboard Re-Order-it

The system also supports remote updates for enhanced flexibility and adaptability. Logistics replenishment orders are generated at preconfigured intervals through the database. In addition, the touch screen interface provides real-time feedback to empower employees with critical information for informed decision making.

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