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Ultra-Wideband technology enables exact localization as well as high-speed data transport. It uses extremely little power and excels in applications that need precise positioning, such as asset tracking, interior navigation, and real-time location systems.


UWB is extensively used in industries such as retail, logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing to improve operational efficiency, security, and workflow optimization.

UWB offers high velocity information transmission, taking into consideration the quick exchange of huge volumes of information.

UWB can dependably lay out the area of articles or gadgets in closeness, making it appropriate for applications, for example, indoor situating, resource following, and ongoing area frameworks.

Low power utilization: In light of the fact that UWB innovation is energy-effective, it is great for battery-fueled gadgets and applications where power economy is basic.

Impedance resistance: UWB runs at exceptionally low power levels and all through a wide recurrence band, which decreases obstruction from other remote signals and increments signal unwavering quality. 

UWB can arrive at extraordinary spatial goal, considering exact article acknowledgment and running, making it significant for applications, for example, radar frameworks and through-wall imaging.

Generally speaking, UWB innovation gives rapid information move, exact situating, low power utilization, and interoperability with other remote innovations, making it appropriate for a great many applications that require fast and trustworthy remote correspondence.

UWB for tracking medical assets

The Alltrace system is able to store all kind of sensors based on technologies like: RFID, Sigfox, Wifi, Halow, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), Lora, Barcodes, QR, Wirepas, Narrow Band (NB), Bluetooth (BLE), GPS, Zigbee.

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