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Revolutionizing Bluetooth Connectivity

In today's world, Bluetooth-enabled devices have become an integral part of our lives, but their functionality has been limited by the relatively short-range coverage provided by Bluetooth technology. Seattle-based startup Hubble Network aims to shatter these constraints by launching a groundbreaking satellite network that enables Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect anywhere in the world. With an ambitious goal of connecting over a billion devices, Hubble Network plans to build a constellation of 300 satellites that can provide real-time updates for sensors and devices equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chips. Let's delve deeper into this technological revolution.

Unleashing the potential of Bluetooth

Hubble Network CEO Alex Haro and his team have pioneered innovative approaches to achieve unprecedented connectivity at a global scale. By implementing technical advancements, such as lowering the bitrate (data transferred per second) and reimagining satellite antenna design, Hubble Network has unlocked the true potential of Bluetooth connectivity.

The Magic of Multiple Antennae: Instead of relying on a single antenna per satellite, Hubble Network deploys hundreds of antennae per satellite, resembling a massive magnifying glass focused on Earth's surface. This ingenious approach enables the satellites to detect weak radio signals emitted by Bluetooth chips. By receiving and deciphering these signals, Hubble Network's satellites can cover an astounding distance of approximately 1,000 kilometers. This range is nearly 10 orders of magnitude longer than what is achievable through terrestrial networks.

Diverse Bluetooth connectivity use cases

Hubble Network's revolutionary satellite network opens up a world of possibilities across various industries. Their website showcases a wide range of proposed use cases, including child safety, pallet tracking, and environmental monitoring. With the ability to connect millions of devices, Hubble Network's infrastructure offers a robust and versatile platform for IoT applications.


Hubble Network's pioneering satellite network has the potential to redefine Bluetooth connectivity on a global scale. By leveraging an innovative combination of technical advancements, the company aims to connect billions of Bluetooth-enabled devices across diverse industries. The launch of the initial satellite batch in 2024 marks an exciting milestone for Hubble Network and ushers in a new era of connectivity for the Internet of Things. As the world becomes increasingly connected, Hubble Network's vision is set to transform how we interact with and benefit from Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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